About Us

Cretaceous Natih Formation, outcrop Yebel Madmar Oman ('Henk's Wadi'). Outcrop visited during carbonate reservoir (flow) heterogeneity course.

Why BlackRock?

  • We deliver hands-on, fit-for-purpose products that directly address your practical needs
  • We have a strong focus on data integration
  • YOUR COMPANY will benefit from our substantial experience acquired in the most diverse geological and reservoir settings world-wide

BlackRock Energy Ltd. is a dynamic integrated geoscience consultancy that provides practical expertise to E&P companies and investors. Our goal is to supply our clients with advice and products to reduce reservoir uncertainties and to increase production and/ or reserves.

Our team consists of some of the most seasoned and experienced geoscientists, reservoir engineers and technical specialists available in the industry today that have worked in the most diverse geological and reservoir settings worldwide.

BlackRock’s main area of expertise is focused on borehole image logs (QC, ‘repair’ and interpretation) and on the integration of the image data with drilling parameters, ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ wellbore data, such as core, seismic, production logs and/ or well tests. We have been analyzing and interpreting image logs since they first came on the market with some of our team members even involved in the development of the early processing and analysis software.

We also provide comprehensive flow heterogeneity (network) analysis from feature recognition (e.g. borehole images, conventional OH logs, core) to flow simulation on a reservoir scale, reservoir engineering services (e.g. production log analysis, pressure transient analysis) and complete integration of all data into a full-field reservoir model.

Besides the above, we offer geosteering and well placement support, various classroom and field courses, technical assistance with data room visits/ rapid asset evaluation and, last but not least, access to the most comprehensive structural data base of the Middle East currently available.

BlackRock Energy Ltd. was founded in October 2015.