As an introduction to your company, we would like to offer one of the following two items as a demo at no cost:

  • If you have any borehole image logs that have an acquisition defect or are of generally poor quality, send us the raw image data (DLIS format) and let us know the information you are trying to extract from the log (e.g. fractures, depositional direction, sedimentological facies, etc.). We will apply our well-proven techniques to improve the image quality to allow that interpretation to be made.

  • If you have a borehole image log, either on its own or in combination with conventional OH logs, a production log or pressure data (e.g. from a pressure build-up test) that is challenging to interpret, please select a short interval (<100 m) and forward the digital data to us together with a brief explanation on the information that you are trying to extract. We will make an interpretation that honors all the available data and prepare a short PDF report or a presentation as appropriate.