Our Team

  • Dr. Olaf Schoenicke – Petroleum Geoscientist

    (e-mail: olaf.schoenicke@blackrockenergy.ltd)

    Olaf Schoenicke is the founder of BlackRock Energy Ltd. and has over 25 years of hands-on oil and gas industry experience obtained in E&P and Oilfield Services Companies worldwide. Due to his wide-ranging work experience Olaf has a unique understanding of the various types and scales of static and dynamic subsurface data and the ability to integrate these into full-field models both for exploration and production purposes.

  • Dr. Joerg Mattner – Petroleum Geoscience Expert

    (e-mail: joerg.mattner@blackrockenergy.ltd)

    Joerg Mattner is an internationally acknowledged expert on the geology of the Arabian Plate with 30 years of petroleum geoscience experience completing 200+ exploration and reservoir projects in some 30 countries. Besides teaching classroom and field courses on reservoir flow heterogeneities, Joerg consults to exploration and production ventures of international and national oil and gas companies worldwide.

  • Nick Last – Well Testing/ Reservoir Engineer

    (e-mail: nick.last@blackrockenergy.ltd)

    Nick Last is an expert in the analysis of dynamic well and reservoir data with over 30 years of industry experience. He has delivered significant consulting projects for numerous operators with most of these projects involving the integration of well test and/ or production log data into the full-field model. Nick has taught many classes on Well Test and Production Log Interpretation, and is currently delivering a series of lectures in the Petroleum Engineering faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

  • Peter Barrett – Image Log Technical Specialist

    (e-mail: (e-mail: peter.barrett@blackrockenergy.ltd)

    Peter Barrett has over 25 years experience of processing image logs. He has been involved in developing software and has written papers on image log quality control. He has repaired image logs which have been written off as useless and firmly believes you have never seen it all. He is a nerd with most flavors of windows, which he claims he needs for legacy data recovery but that is probably just an excuse.